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Sea Transport

Historically, sea freight shipping was a key driver of the development of international commerce. Shipping goods by sea is still popular nowadays due to low cost, high sea vessel load capacity, and minimal restrictions on vessel carrying capacity. Sea freight services allows substantially lower transportation costs in case of long-distance goods carriage. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of our containerized cargo transportation related services. This transport mode is reliable and efficient, especially in case of long-distance and multimodal solutions. Taking into account individual customer requirements, our experienced staff offer optimal container freight transportation routes at competitive prices.


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Inquiry about shipping rates

Inquiry about shipping rates Please enter your shipment information in the relevant form and then click on the submit registration information button. Our partners will inform you of the most appropriate shipping cost in less than 24 hours. If you have any questions, you can use our free consultation or support

Our services in sea transport are as follow:

• Providing consultancy service in areas such as transport mode engineering, documentation process, and container operation.
• Multi-modal transport of all types of containerized cargo.
• Close cooperation with liners and NVOCCs to supply needed capacity.
• Offering the most competitive freight rates to our customers.
• Providing professional documentation process management service to prevent any interruption in the transport process.
• Providing safe and secure cross stuffing container operation.
• Marine transport management of bulk and general cargo.
• Providing chartering services by employing vessels in different types and sizes.
• Management/Operation of all types of vessels in compliance with relevant international rules and regulations.